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It’s never too late to dream again -Mourine Kayent

G desired so much to become a professional tailor, but that dream seemed far from reality. Where will I get the money to train? How will I raise the capital to start? These and many other questions popped up in my mind and I had no answers at that time.

Growing up in a poverty stricken home, our opportunities were always limited. After my primary seven I was not able to continue with my education due to lack of school fees. I also had an illness that made it difficult for me to concentrate in school so my primary seven grades were not good enough to earn me a scholarship. Soon I was taken by my auntie to Kampala to be trained in tailoring. I was progressing well until I feel ill with Meningitis and had to be taken back home to Nebbi. It because difficult with time for me to catch up after that so I remained idle at home.

When I learned of Bonga in 2014, I immediately joined so that I could get something to do with my life. I also saw an opportunity to get out of poverty. In Bonga I got to learn that I am important and that my life matters. We got to discuss many life issues affecting girls and young adults, I learned some basic tips in numbers and reading that I had forgotten. Interacting with the other girls surely gave me a sense of belonging and I was able to get out of my shell.

When it came to IGA training (Income Generating Activity), I chose tailoring because I had already got some little training in it. I needed to sharpen it and perfect my skill. I am so happy I got the opportunity to train again.

Bonga created a sense of responsibility within me. I used to be stubborn, not caring about anyone or anything

Bonga created a sense of responsibility within me. I used to be stubborn, not caring about anyone or anything. I didn’t think I would live long anyway. But now I realised I need to take charge of my life, I need to listen and care about my future. Now with my tailoring job, I get to design clothes for people who pay me some money. I no longer have the stress of what will I eat, what I will use to buy Vaseline, or sanitary towels. I make enough to help me meet my needs and also take care of home needs.

Maybe someday I will get married to a good man and have children. But when I do, I will make sure my children are supported to complete their school. I want them to go up to university because then they will have better opportunities to make it in life.

Mourine Kayent graduated in Bonga in 2015 under WENIPS-SFEA partnership. She and two other girls were supported with a sewing machine as a start up kit which they use now for their tailoring business.

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