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Programs designed to transform lives and communities out of poverty

Stromme Foundation East Africa programs focus on delivering quality education to unfortunate children and young adults, improving livelihood in the communities and fostering community development through capacity building.

Education Programs

Laying the foundation for community transformation through Education

Together with the community, we have designed programs that provide improved delivery of quality education and technical skills to vulnerable children and young people in the rural hard to reach areas.

A new dawn for South Sudan

Due to the uniqueness of the development problems faced in south sudan. Stromme Foundation East Africa has had to design/support specific interventions in partnership with the government of the Republic of South Sudan and other International Development organisations.

Livelihood Programs

Livelihood - supporting communities to develop sustainable incomes

SFEA livelihood programs aim at improving the standards of living of the rural and urban poor to enable them live an empowered and dignified life. We empower communities to create sustainable livelihoods through formation of community owned and led groups. In these groups among other skills we foster financial literacy so that the poor can make informed decisions regarding their saving, investment and spending patterns.

Capacity Building Programs

Capacity building - fuelling change through empowered Partners

Capacity building is the development of an organization’s core skills and capabilities, such as leadership, management, finance, fund-raising, programs and evaluation, in order to build the organization’s effectiveness and sustainability. SF aims at achieving sustainability of all program interventions in the target communities and in order to do this, we focus on strengthening the capacity of local partner organizations and that of our human resource.