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FK Norway Exchange Programs

Strømme partners with FK Norway to implement youth and professional exchanges. Strømme is convinced that the world becomes smaller when people get to know each other better and create values together. The exchange programs are used as tools to build capacities of youth and young professionals in community development programs.


Inspiring young professionals for change

Youth are sent from Norway to volunteer among Strømme partner organisations for 7 months, and likewise youth are sent from Strømme Partner organisations to volunteer in Norwegian organisations for 10 months. Both groups of youth are exposed to development work in the different communities with an aim of fostering youth participation in community development poorer communities as well as strengthening civil society.

The South to South Professional Exchange program aims at enhancing individual and institutional capacities in order to foster community development through Strømme partners in the region. Young professionals are exchanged for 11 months and on return to home organisations they share information through follow up activities. Through this program, exchange of knowledge and skills in various SFEA interventions is enhanced among individual participants and partner organisations. The aim is to further improve organisational capacities of our partners in the specific program focus.

Micheal, one of the professional exchange participants while in India with MYRADA.
Participants of the 2016-2017 youth exchange program
Participants of the ongoing round of exchange between SFEA partners and Norway
The ladies in the current round of exchange from Norway
The guys who are on exchange in Tanzania from Norway
On their orientation they wanted to have a memory of our office guard.

During my time in Norway, I volunteered in an Early Learning centre for children. I am happy to be putting the skills I picked through the exchange to use here with TAHEA Mwanza's ECD program among the fishing community.

Samiya M Mihigo Former Participant - Act Now Youth Exchange Program, SFEA