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Stromme Microfinance

Our institutional microfinance intervention is implemented through Strømme Microfinance East Africa Limited, a company limited by Shares. SMF EA Ltd provides, on a sustainable basis, market responsive financial and non-financial services as well as technical assistance to financial institutions and business service providers.


Empowering the Enterprising Poor


The Company provides medium term whole sale loans, equity, support to business development and capacity building for microfinance clients, loan guarantees, and community managed microfinance through the self-help group methodology.

SMF EA Ltd’s mode of operations is through intermediaries i.e established Microfinance Institutions (both regulated and unregulated MFI’s), community Banks, Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) that can ably deliver financial and non-financial services to the enterprising poor.

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The company is committed to causing positive changes in the lives of the enterprising poor by providing a wide range of the innovative financial services for the partner institutions that will eventually meet the needs of the poor client.

Harriet Mulyanti Chief Executive Officer, SMFEA, SFEA

People offered access to financial services through SMF EA Ltd and Partners


growth in asset base in 2016