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Partner Training

SF conducts capacity-building engagements like trainings, exchange programs, regular monitoring visits, technical support visits to ensure that its programs are delivered efficiently and effectively to achieve impact and also promote sustainability.


Strengthening Partner Capacity to deliver sustainably

Stromme Foundation does not do directly implementation; it employs a partnership-based approach where by programmes activities are delivered through local partners that do directly implementation. This therefore requires that the local partners have the capacity required to effectively deliver this programmes in a timely and efficient manner that eventually leads to sustainable changes in behavior.

The capacity building areas include; governance; financial management; programming focusing on the programmes implemented like CMMF, Vocational skills training, Education and food security; and monitoring and evaluation.

When we engage a partner, we desire to build the capacity of staff and the organization to improve their systems. We want to ensure that when we exit the community, the good programs we started can be carried forward by the community. This is about sustainability.

Oloo Patrick Wajero Regional Director, SFEA