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Girl’s Education

In South Sudan, only one girl in ten completes primary education and girls comprise just one-third of the secondary school population. SFEA has partnered with GESS to empower the girl child in South Sudan.


A better foundation for the South Sudan Girl Child

In South Sudan, Girls’ education indicators are particularly poor; there are only seven girls for every 10 boys in primary school and five girls for every 10 in secondary.  In the whole country, only five hundred girls are in the last grade of secondary school. Just 12% of teachers are female. Literacy rates for girls are 40% compared to 60% for boys. Cultural practices, internal and external conflicts have further exacerbated their lack of access to education.

Our Response

SFEA together with the Girls’ Education in South Sudan (GESS) provide a six year program that aims at transforming a generation of South Sudanese girls by increasing access to quality education

The expected impact of the Programme is to transform the lives of a generation of girls in South Sudan through education by increasing their enrollment, retention and levels of achievement.

Despite the interruptions by the insurgence last year, we have trained 575 members of school governing bodies in selected priority schools to enhance the effectiveness of operations, teaching and learning in schools. School ownership is now being understood and schools’ development process is being led by the governing bodies.

We recorded an improvement in enrollment of girls in schools from 86,340 in 2014 to 107,594 by 2016.