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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood development provides a strong foundation in the life of children and prepares them for transition into primary education. This is integrated with economic empowerment of the parents and guardians to ensure sustainability in educating the children.


Every child deserves a head start in life

In the rural hard to reach areas, several challenges limit children from achieving their full potential. These include; poor living conditions, crowded classrooms, no basic hygiene and many others.

Our Response

Through Community Based Education initiative we seek to address these so that these vulnerable children can also access quality education.

Early Childhood Development  focuses on children, mainly from 3 years of age. It includes organized, inclusive and child friendly learning activities like informative games, outdoor art projects that constitute not less than 30% of the overall program of care.

Through our Partners, we work with local governments to have Early Childhood learning centres established in the communities, mostly by attachment to the existing public primary schools.

Focus Partners
Education 3

Early childhood development looks at the mental, physical, social and psychological growth of a child. Children who have been given this start learn better and grasp quicker in class later when they progress to primary school. It even contributes to economic development in terms of affecting the quality of citizens that the community channels out.

May Kamoga Regional Programs Manager, SFEA
Early Learning facilitators are trained in soft skills to enable them know how to even handle little children with all their dynamics.