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Community Managed Microfinance (CMMF)

We strive to boost financial literacy among the poor so that they can make informed decisions regarding their saving, investment and spending patterns.


Using the collective power of community to drive financial literacy

Livelihood among the rural and urban poor in East Africa continues to be a need that calls for attention. Poor communities struggle to get jobs from which they can earn a decent income to afford a meal, support their families, improve household status and take their children to school.

Our Response

The CMMF methodology is an appropriate community based mechanism of promoting financial literacy. The practice of ploughing back part of profits saved in a particular round has ensured continuous growth of the saving and lending capacity. With the accumulated savings the groups have been forced to seek financial institutions to keep the excess funds in their possession, which has led to economic inclusion of members.

CMMF groups have led to social-economic empowerment of women in rural communities, they have facilitated creation of marketing and business networks where beneficiaries are using the saving group platform to market their products both within and out of the group.

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Featured Change Stories

A second chance for my dreams and ideas

Joan’s story has confirmed to us that changing a trajectory and creating sustainable change is surely possible. We get fueled to continue empowering many women like her to dream again. Happy Women’s Day to all the strong hardworking gems of the world!

The Livelihoods Program has resulted into change in attitude, saving culture, hard work and now over 70% members are operating income generating activities (IGAs) which has enabled them earn income to improve on their living standards. Members now testify that they are able to afford two meals a day, support their families, improve household status, take their children to school and support them with all the scholastic materials. Some groups have gone ahead to establish and support early childhood centres for their children.

Alfred Kiwalazi Livelihoods Manager, SFEA
CMMF women in Mwanza who have incorporated food security in their savings group.
Through her savings, she has been able to start building her house. She made bricks from her share out in 2015
This lady decided to start a vegetable garden. She sells the vegetables in the market in her village trading centre
At the 2016 CBS PEWOSA trade fair, she came to sell products from the orange potatoes.

small enterprises formed in 2016


People in rural areas empowered to save and invest through CMMF


members received training in Selection, Planing and management of income generating activities in 2016


trained teachers by 2019 including YITC


Poor People supported and empowered to improve their livelihood

$6.6 million

savings balance in 2016