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Address: Plot 25 Bukoto Street, Kampala, Uganda

Telephone: +256 414 532 842/4


Working through foundations, governments, individual donors and regional networks

We work with governments, non-profits and other organizations to address the poverty situation in East Africa. Our partners contribute more than money. Their support, ideas and a more are helping us make East Africa a better place.

Funding partners - dedicated and generous support towards advancing our vision

Funding Partners commit to raise capital and funds that enable the running of the organization as well as the implementation of programs in the different countries and communities. Join our funding partners and let's make the world a better place.

Networking is at the core of our day to day operations. Organizations that have come together to facilitate the progression of particular programs make Stromme what it is.

Oloo Patrick Wajero Regional Director, SFEA
Implementing Parters

Implementing Partners - our vehicles for community transformation

Stromme Foundation East Africa works through strategically placed local partners ensuring sustainable impact in the communities we work. Through capacity building programs, workshops, monitoring visits, we continue to add value among our partners for improved service delivery. We welcome the participation of new implementing partners.

Networks and Collaborations

Networks & Collaborations - creating a bigger force to fight poverty

Our vision to see a world free from poverty is quite ambitious and truthfully we cannot realise it in isolation. We value our strategic partnerships with both local and international organisations, with governments in East Africa and communities at large. Networking is therefore at the core of our day to day operations.