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Address: Plot 25 Bukoto Street, Kampala, Uganda

Telephone: +256 414 532 842/4


West Nile Private Sector Development Promotion centre limited (WENIPS)

WENIPS was established and inaugurated on December 8, 1997 as the first of 11 Private Sector Development Promotion Centres under the GoU and UNDP country cooperation framework (CCF I: 1997-2000). At that time support through UNDP/GoU was 100% and covered all costs. Under CCF II (2001-2006) with the UNDP policy shift WENIPS was re-profiled and incorporated on April, 4 2004 as a limited company by guarantee without share capital. The organization became a company with 24 subscribers or members. Members of WENIPS are: 7 District Governments of West Nile region, 7 SACCOs, 2 Business Associations, 1 Technical School, 3 NGOs, 1 Women Organization and 4 other. WENIPS is the principal private sector agent in the region and is well known for its services in MF & SME promotion. To be a leading promoter of private sector led growth and Development, and an effective hub for public private dialogue in West Nile of Uganda and beyond is the aspiration of WENIPS.

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Area Implementation of SFEA Interventions