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Rombur National Teacher Training Institute (RTTI)

Rombur National Teacher Training Institute is situated about 15Km West of Juba town on Juba Mundri Road. It is about 500 meters to the south of Kapuri Primary School. Rombur National Teacher Training Institute (NTTI) was founded by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, and constructed by funding from the Government of Japan, as a Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education to train Primary School teachers of Science and Mathematics.

When the construction was completed the institute was handed to the government in 2011. The Ministry of Education Science and Technology supported by JICA started training the primary teachers of science and mathematics through the Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in South Sudan (SMASESS) Project, until June 2013 when the Phase one of the project ended.

After the end of the project term in June 2013, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology started the Pre-service Teacher Training in Rombur. However due to financial and the current crisis, the program could not be sustained, hence Stromme Foundation came in with funding as the need for trained teachers country wide remains a big challenge in the Primary Education sector.

Vision: Rombur shall provide a sustainable and accessible environment where we support and encourage student potentials by building on the vibrancy of Rombur and where we are guided by the principles of inclusiveness, integrity, innovation, creativity, and quality. Empowered through resources, collegiality, and public support, the Institute will provide excellent educational opportunities and services. We will inspire participatory citizenship grounded in critical thinking.

Mission: To provide quality teaching and experience to enhance the knowledge and skills in Mathematics and Science education for excellence for all students

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