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Monduli Pastoralist Development Initiative (MPDI)

MPDI is a Non-Governmental Organization that operates in Monduli District, Arusha region, Tanzania. MPDI has been established 2001 in response to the needs identified by communities in Sepeko Ward as pilot area to support young children at ECD centres / pre-schools and to improve the rate of pastoralist children’s participation in formal education programmes.

MPDI was registered as an NGO in May 2004, to take up these challenges, in the context of broader pastoralist community development issues.

In February to March 2005, MPDI undertook a situation analysis and conducted a participatory community research to inform MPDI and the Sepeko Ward Development Committee’s plans for strengthening the early care and education of young pastoralist children in the ward. Outcomes of this studies enabled MPDI to develop a proposal for strengthening the Early Care and Education of Young Pastoralist Children in Sepeko Ward, Monduli District, Tanzania. The Bernard van Leer Foundation provided the initial funding to implement the proposal after its support of community research, and has continued to provide support that has enabled the programme to improve its effectiveness in providing quality Early Child hood Care and Education. Apart from Bernard van Leer Foundation, other good wishers who joined MPDI on improving ECD programme are Global Fund for Children, International Child Support, Stromme Foundation and UBS Optimus Foundation. Government at all levels plays a major role by giving back up to MPDI on what they do with communities.

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