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Juba Country Education Centre

The County Education Centre (CEC) for Jubek State Ministry of Education was originally in the outskirts of Juba city a few metres from Luri stream along Juba and Maridi road. This CEC was founded in 2012 although its construction has not been completed. Therefore, it was operationalise temporarily with the South Sudan Teachers Education Programme (SSTEP) at Juba Teacher Training Institute (Supiri).The CEC has five tutors, an administrator and a deputy administrator.

Juba Teacher Training Institute (JTTI) where the CEC is hosted, is mainly a computer centre that hosts other educational activities such as Alternative Education system, Vocational Training and short local government cadres’ trainings in form of workshops or seminars.

The county Educational Centre had enrolled 60 untrained teachers in 2012 for In-service programme under SSTEP. These trainees were given certificate of attendance after two year as the project came to an end before the actual four years of In-Service training.
With the Norad Founding, Stromme foundation has enrolled In-Service teachers and also included those from SSTEP to facilitate them obtain a certificate for teaching in Primary schools. In order to curve drop outs due to long period of 4 years before graduation, the trainees are having classes four days a week, from Monday to Thursday.

Programs Implemented

Area Implementation of SFEA Interventions

Juba Teacher Training Institute (Supiri)