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Holy Trinity Peace Village (HTPV)

The Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron (HTPV) was initiated in 1997 with a demonstration farm. The idea originated in 1996 when Rev Bishop Paride Taban, retired bishop of the catholic Diocese of Torit posted Missionaries of Divine Word from Argentine to Boma, which was then inaccessible by road except in the months of January and March. The whole of Upper Nile region was cut off from Eastern Equatorial by Kuron River. In 1998 the Bishop constructed a bridge on Kuron River to connect the two regions after the construction of the bridge. Eighty-one families of different ethnic groups from Toposa, Jiye, Murle, Nyangatom and Kachipo decided, on their own, to settle around the bridge in order to protect it. Although these communities trace their origin to a common ancestry, they view themselves as traditional enemies due to cattle raiding, competition for control and access to natural resources, mainly water sources and grazing land. The bridge became a blessing to them because after settling around the bridge used it to communicate for peace and reconciliation. At present we have representatives from more than 8 tribes including some Kenyans and Ugandans.

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