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Meet Annika – Norwegian Act Now Participant

Annika Tollefsen is one of the 8 participants from Norway currently volunteering in rural parts of Dar es Salaam and Singida. In Dar es Salaam Annika likes to work among the adolescent girls in the Bonga Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program. She recently shared a story from one of her field visits.

A day at  Unique Bonga Centre 
The Bonga-groups have now started vocational skills. First week this program started, I visited the Unique group, and about 20 girls met me. The group is split up when I arrive, there are two sewing machines where some of the girls are sewing on paper to practice sewing straight stitches. The remaining girls are sitting around the teacher, who patiently teaches how to construct and cut a dress. One week later I visited the same group and got very impressed. Having stitched straight lines on paper a week earlier, the girls have now finished a dress. I come to this group once a week and am constantly impressed by how their skills develop from week to week. These are girls who work hard to achieve their goals. This also shows by the time they lay down, the group should last four hours a day, but many of the girls can sit for 5-7 hours. The girls are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and show a huge interest in learning and developing. They have all a goal of becoming independent, and with the work effort these girls show, I think they will reach far.

See some Images below from Annika’s field visit.

Girls learning how to construct and cut a dress.
The girls are sewing on paper to practice sewing straight stitches.
The girls working on their first dress project together.
Rose surrounded by her peers. We shall be posting Rose's story on our Change Stories page. Watch out for it.
Beautiful Rose smiling
Annika also got to work on something.

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