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Changing trajectories, reviving communities

Through the years, Stromme Foundation has empowered communities, improved delivery of quality education , enhanced social protection for children and adolescents, strengthened public sector and civil society as well as improved livelihoods for rural and urban poor.

Impact Statistics


millions of lives have been transformed.

More than the numbers, we are committed to giving East Africa a new hope - a life to enable many realise their full potential and transform communities for generations. We remain committed to our mission to eradicate poverty. Our 2014 - 2018 strategical goal is Improved quality of life for poor people in poor/hard to reach communities of East Africa by promoting the right to education and access to financial and non-financial services. Here are some summary highlights in our current strategic period.


Children have been enrolled into the Early Childhood Development centers supported.


Children supported through our CBEI aimed at improving enrollment in primary schools.


Vulnerable adolescent girls empowered through Bonga to live dignified lives and are now positive change advocates.


Rural and urban poor trained and actively participating in CMMF for sustainable livelihoods.


Girls in South Sudan supported to stay in school through the GESS program.


youth reached and equipped with technical skills.


Teachers are undertaking training in our variuos treacher training Institutes.


adult learners gained satisfactory knowledge in literacy and numeracy.


Teachers trained and actively teaching.


PTA/SMC committee members trained to improve the school management in rural areas.