Strømme Microfinance East Africa

Florence lost her mother when she was a baby and had to be raised by her elderly grandmother with a support from her father. Unfortunately at the age of 10, her father also passed away leaving her with her grandmother who could not afford to put fully provide for her needs as a growing teenager.

At 14, she got pregnant and had to drop out of school. The father of the child was also young and still in school so he denied the pregnancy for fear of responsibilities. Florence had to depend on her grandmother to take care of herself and the baby to come. But she also felt the need to fend for herself so she kept seeking for small jobs to support her.

Because of her vulnerability, she got involved with an army man who impregnated her with the second baby. She felt low and couldn’t say no to any man who approached her because they could satisfy her immediate need at that point. And that is to feel loved and cared for. Little did she know that these men just wanted a piece of her and would soon leave her in the same state.

“Through the Mazungmizo program, I have learned that my value comes from within and not from the outside circumstances. I have also learned to take
care of myself. I am aware of my rights and can confidently speak up now.” Said Florence.

The knitting skills she acquired are enabling her to earn some income by making and selling products within her community. At the moment Florence’s
earnings are able to support her and her two children as well her elderly grandmother.