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About Us

Strømme Foundation East Africa (SFEA) is the Eastern Africa regional office for the Norwegian based international development organization, Stromme Foundation (SF). Strømme Foundation was established in 1976, as a result of the fundraising initiated by Olav Kristian Strømme, a former minister of the Cathedral in Kristiansand, Norway. He was known for his bold personality and passion to make the world a better place.

Reverend Strømme started placing ads in the local newspaper to raise money in order to help the poor. These ads became famous throughout the country, establishing a new and creative way to fundraise.

After Reverend Strømme’s death, his work continued, and Strømme Foundation grew into an international development organization with a focus on education and microfinance. His dream to help the poor lives on, but is even bolder now: A world free from poverty. We are honoured to live out his legacy. The organization is currently operating in thirteen (13) countries located in the regions of Asia, South America, West and East Africa.

Strømme Foundation’s vision is a “World free from Poverty” through the mission of “Eradicating poverty through providing opportunities and partnerships to support the poor to cross the poverty line through Education and Micro finance interventions in East Africa”.

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Where we work

Strømme Foundation East Africa regional office is located in Kampala, Uganda and has been in operation since was 1994. Its interventions are currently carried out in Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Program Focus

Quality Education

Our education interventions are aimed at ensuring disadvantaged groups in rural areas receive the quality education necessary for improving literacy and empowering them to fight poverty.

Improved Livelihoods

Rural and urban poor are empowered through training in microfinance,income generating activities with much emphasis on food security so there is sustainable economic security.

Children and Youth at Risk

We support rehabilitation of children exposed to inappropriate lifestyles. sports, culture and creative arts are utilized in engaging young minds in positive change activities that create a better future for them.

Building Capacities

Capacity building of partners is mainstreamed in our programming. The aim is to create sustainable development. SF also aims at strengthening the public sector through advocacy.

Strømme microfinance activities in East Africa started in 1994 under the Strømme Foundation Regional Office. In a bid to specialise in microfinance service delivery, Strømme Micro Finance East Africa Limited (SMF EA Ltd) was incorporated as company limited by guarantee in 1998 and later in April 2004 as a company limited by shares. The operations of SMF EA Ltd cover the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.

SMF EA Ltd is owned by Strømme Microfinance AS in Norway, Strømme Foundation Regional Office in East Africa, SolidariteInternationale pour le Development et I’Investissement (SIDI) in France and Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) in Holland. Shareholders are keen and open to bring on board like minded investors who share in the ultimate goal of alleviating poverty.

To provide, on a sustainable basis, market responsive, financial services and capacity building support to financial and business service providers to enhance access to financial services by the enterprising poor in the East African region.

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Get Involved

There are various ways for you to join us in this cause of fighting poverty.

Like and follow the Strømme East Africa Facebook and Google+ pages for updates www.facebook.com/StrommeEA. Be sure to share and get all your connections on board.

Stromme East Africa welcomes donations in kind and monetary. Give a monetary gift towards the cause of the poor and vulnerable in rural difficult to reach areas across East Africa.

Volunteer your skill, time with Strømme East Africa

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